Why Hire JP Pirtle Real Estate to Sell Your Property?

1.       Marketing.  Your home will be featured on our TV show, on literally thousands of websites, the Multiple Listing Service, and many more.  Our marketing budget is almost $300,000 per year.  Our marketing will help get your house seen by motivated buyers, and help you get to SOLD.

2.       Guarantee and Trade Programs.  Our Innovative Guarantee and Trade programs give you more options on the sale of your home, and they also help potential buyers choose your home over others they may be considering.  Yes, we can buy someone else’s home for cash in order for them to buy yours.

3.       Honesty and the Facts.  The brokerage and agent you choose to represent you in purchasing your home can make all the difference in your success.  With over 5000 local families helped by our company, we have the experience and local knowledge to ensure your success.  We will always tell you the truth.  Some agents will tell you whatever you want to hear.  We will always tell you the truth and put your interests first and foremost.  We represent your interests first!  As your agent, we put your needs first, and we protect you throughout the transaction to ensure you get the best deal and terms possible.

4.       Team System.  Our full-time staff and highly experienced agents have been responsible for over 5000 local home sales.  Put the advantage of the team to work for you!  Our experienced staff is available full-time to assist you, all the way from contract to close.  

5.       More Conversation=More Showings=More Sales.  Our lead management, lead generation, and showing scheduling systems are the best in the industry.  The more potential buyers we are speaking with, the more showings that are scheduled, the more sales we complete for our clients.  We have over 60,000 leads in our databases including tens of thousands of buyers.

6.       Aggressiveness—We Want More!  We are called the aggressive Realtors for a reason.  We put your needs first, have a full-time staff to support the sale of your home, and employ the most aggressive marketing in the area.  We understand if we don’t sell houses our families do not eat so we are very aggressive and will do whatever it takes to sell your home.  

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Why List with Us?

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